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720 p network camera, IP camera wifi camera wireless monitoring Wireless camera
 US $179.00
Android turn the iphone 5 turn joint micro turn 5 turn joint iphone5s charging connector head
 US $15.00
Product - the iphone 5 G201 apple special headsets 5 s ip4s drive-by-wire stereo headphones apple 4 s ear
 US $57.00
Kingston usb 32 gu plate of high-speed start DT100 G3 32 gb usb 32 gb quality goods on sale
 US $69.00
Razer/Razer Purgatory viper + reshipment beetle tanks' world, gaming mouse + mouse pad suit
 US $248.00
Free Shipping Hot Pot Chinese Delicious Food Hotpot Basin Double Taste Cooker Induction Gas Stove Kitchen Cookware Soup Pot
 US $28.20

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Free Shipping Hot Pot Chinese Delicious Food Hotpot Basin Double Taste Cooker Induction Gas Stove Kitchen Cookware Soup Pot
Market value£ºUS $28.20
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Do you know what dish is the most popular in the cold winter in China? I know it¡¯s hot pot. Hot pot is a Chinese tasteful folk dish. No matter in the north or in the south, people like hot pot very much and every region has its local features. For example, Sihuan hot pot is hot while Guangdong hot pot is famous for its fresh. Usually, there is a metal hot pot in the middle of table. When the soup in the pot is kept simmering, dishes are put into the pot. Beef, mutton, fish and vegetables are the main dishes. It is extremely popular in winter because it can keep the dishes warm all the time. And the atmosphere is hot, too. Friends or relatives sit down together to have a feast. It¡¯s a good way to relax.

Hot pot does not need a lid during the production process, so our products do not contain a lid

Don't think how mysterious Chinese food is. Actually Chinese food is very simple, especially hot pot. The method is very simple. As long as the ingredients are prepared, you only need to follow the recipe, and you will soon be able to taste delicious! (Be sure to ask our beautiful customer service sister how to make hot pot after ordering).The Double-flavor hot pot is a special pot of hot pot. It is divided into two parts. You can make different soups according to everyone's taste. You can choose any two of sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty at the same time, plus your favorite dipping sauce; and the Double boiler has a small pot in the middle, which is specially used to make soup, you can guarantee to drink When it comes to the freshest hot soup, the Chinese principle of eating is to eat while drinking soup, which is very delicious. Oh my god! I can smell the food now!(The length of the size represents the outer diameter of the pot).Various adaptation schemes such as induction cooker, induction cooker, gas and stove can be used, which is very convenient.

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